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Tabla History


is a 400 to 600 years old Percussion Instrument. It is believed that Tabla is contribution of the Mughals to our Music, It is said that the instrument was invented by Sudhar Khan Dari. But some scholars believed that Tabla was invented after 1400 Century. It is also believed that Amir Khusroo who was a Musician in Allauddin Khilji's Darbar or Court, also contributed in the invention of Tabla. Earlier the diameter of Tabla use to be bigger in size, but time to time the diameter of Tabla got changed,as per the requirement of different pitches. We tune Tabla according to the scale of the Musician's requirement.For Tabla Tarang where Tablas of different pitches are required,& they required to be tuned in different pitctes.

Tabla is an accompanying instrument for Khayal Gayaki, Instruments such as Sitar, Sarod, Kathak Dance and Solo playing.

Tabla is a two piece instrument, One is Tabla, also known as Dayan and is made  of wood and is hollow from inside, Other part is Dagga or Bayan and is made of clay, Copper, Brass, Aluminium, Iron.

Tabla has got 6 Gharanas. Gharanas means where the Knowledge or Art that is passed on from a Guru or Ustad to his sons or disciples, who in turn passes it on to his or her disciples.

In other words we can say that Gharanas means School or sometimes Style of Performance. The Gharanas are named not after its originator but by the place from where the Guru is originated and from where he conducted the propagation of their art. The names of the Gharanas are.

Delhi Gharanas

Lucknow Gharanas

Ajrada Gharanas

Farrukhabad Gharana

Benaras Gharana

Punjab Gharana

In Tabla we play diffrent types of Taal and every Taal has got different Matras. Like in Teentaal we have 16 beats or Matras. In Hindi Matra means unit.

Certain terms are used while playing a Solo Recital

Peshkaar : This is a composition that is based on the bols and the divisions of the Theka and is played in a slow tempo.

Kaida : The word Kaida is taken from the Urdu word which means "Rule" or "Law". In a solo recital of an hour, there are at least four to five Kaidas.

Tukra : This is a composition of forceful bols in the drut phase of a Taal.

Rela : This is a compostion which is made up of bols and is played in a fast tempo.

Mukhra : Mukhra is a short composition which is played to enhance the sum.

Tabla is considered to be the most useful instrument for any performance in Music and Dance. Now a days Tabla is used in Fusion Music and is very much in demand in Music World.


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